White T-Shirt

Reclaimed Cotton T-Shirt Rags are cost effective, super absorbent and practically lint free. Shop here at Cotton Rags Supplier for wholesale pricing on all white cotton t-shirt rags in bulk. As you search through our large selection of recycled white cotton t-shirt rags (also known as reclaimed all white knit), notice the savings in price on the 500lbs and 1000lbs of rags in bulk. Our images show crates for display but your rags will be shipping in a 25 or 50lb box per your selection.
If you are needing to purchase a bale this needs to be done manually by us so please Contact Us. First we have to call the warehouse closest to you to see how many pounds for the bales we have in stock. Then we call you back so you can select which bale weight you prefer. Average per lb weight is from 850lbs to 1300lbs. If you are wanting a pallet of rags in boxes then you can expect no more than 20 50lb boxes per pallet which equals 1000lbs.


Available Weights:

Standard 10kg bag, other weights available upon request.
For additional weights or Wholesale volumes.