The most budget-friendly cleaning rag on the market – perfect to clean up spills of any kind, a magnificent wiper and extremely efficient in heavy duty industries. This all-purpose 100% cotton cleaning rag also features superb absorbency and is soft to the touch. This cloth will keep on wiping long after other cleaning rags have stopped. Ideal for businesses with high cleaning demands.

Materials used:

This high quality cleaning rag is made from 100% cotton-rich recycled materials, featuring a unique mixture of light and medium cotton materials. This wonderfully soft cleaning rag has also been subjected to a professional metal-detecting process, ensuring zippers and buttons have been removed.

Main Uses:

Mixed Cotton Cleaning Rags are perfectly suited to commercial cleaning and heavy industrial jobs. These rags perform in situations where light to medium absorbency is required. The Mixed Cotton Cleaning Rag will clean spills where other rags fail. Use this magnificent cleaning rag to mop up oil, water and service fluids in heavy duty industries.

Industries that use this cleaning rag:

The Mixed Cotton Cleaning Rag is extremely efficient in industries where a cost-effective and cost-efficient solution is required, such as mechanical workshops and garages. This high quality cleaning rag is best used in the following industries: oil, mining, automotive, marine, manufacturing, hydraulics, earth works, steel and engineering. Professionals who use the Mixed Cotton Cleaning Rag include mowing contractors, wreckers, diesel mechanics, plumbers, mechanics, welders, and government department workers.

Available Weights:

Standard 10kg bag, other weights available upon request.
For additional weights or Wholesale volumes.